Paradise City
Welcome here to the Paradise City "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" penned by the world's most dangerous band, this online jungle is now ours, created especially for us - the Guns N' Roses fans. is the place for y
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  • Lesley+Wentzell
    Lesley Wentzell

    After reading about the abuse DJ suffered as a child, I thought: "If there's one person on the planet who knows what he's gone through, it's our Axl." I think it explains why he's so fatherly towards DJ. <3 <3

    • Lucy+Freitag
      Lucy Freitag

      In addition to being an incredible person, Axl Rose has wonderful friends ... and a perfect band! Love GNR!

  • Cherish

    OMG, absolutely! Wonderful post!<3

  • christina

    axl is awesome, hes a good guy, hes surrounded by great friends coworkers and family and some great fans too! <3

  • Fabi

    A thing really want to know about Axl Rose is What kind of shampo does he like?What he use in his hair?