Paradise City
Welcome here to the Paradise City "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" penned by the world's most dangerous band, this online jungle is now ours, created especially for us - the Guns N' Roses fans. is the place for y
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  • Lesley+Wentzell
    Lesley Wentzell

    Awww... My Gunner's heart swells whenever I read things like these. :)

  • Janey+E.+Davenport
    Janey E. Davenport

    at the shows I've been 2 & then read reviews,I'm like were we in the same building.Learned along time ago 2 ignore what is written bout Axl & GN'R,its nothing by lies&twisted words.I don't believe anything unless it comes straight from reliable sources&we all know who that is.This is the reason why people seem 2 never be able 2 move out of the late 80's & early 90's,but the real sad apart about it is,people believe em & they haven't a clue is 2 what their missing!!!

  • Rodolfo+Sarudiansky
    Rodolfo Sarudiansky

    always will be a "journalist" to tell crap. fuck them all. our band, our family doesn´t need to proof anything. gunner for ever !


    GN'R has given proof of their greatness to the gunners in Indonesia (2012)...SEMPURNA...!!!

  • Jamie+Goddard
    Jamie Goddard

    In Birmingham 2010, GNR were late on stage, the fans though were fine with it! The concert was awesome as per usual and there was not a angry face in the arena. The journalist obviously left early and didn't see the concert! He got the setlist really wrong like embarrassingly and not just that he called the concert second rate. As people in England like to say. He was a 'Prick' or a 'Bon Jovi fan'.

  • Davide+Dainese
    Davide Dainese

    Don't pay attention to the journalist. We know you are great!!!

  • Jennifer+Bernsen
    Jennifer Bernsen

    I would've loved to have been there. Lots of familiar fan faces that travel all over the world to see GNR. Always the best live gig - and the current line up (hope it stays that way) is KILLING IT!

  • Ma+Gabriela+Moya
    Ma Gabriela Moya

    Would like to read the article, where's the link?. I know it's bullshit but sometimes it's good for strike back!

  • Malu+Modestos
    Malu Modestos

    very cool it, we are proud to be fans of you guys because you guys are the best... #GNRForevermore