Paradise City
Welcome here to the Paradise City "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" penned by the world's most dangerous band, this online jungle is now ours, created especially for us - the Guns N' Roses fans. is the place for y
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  • Susannah+F.
    Susannah F.

    12 days till we see them in Melb... So very excited...

  • Axls_sweetchild
    Axls_sweetchild is such a great and controversial song. I know Axl will never admit it, but I think we all know who this song is directed towards. I included a link from the Moscow concert only because that's one of the best concerts .

    • Joao+Ribeiro
      Joao Ribeiro

      if it was directed to slash axl would say it or at least not lie about it. It can be directed to the media...or to any other person or thing that we dont even know or think about

    • Axls_sweetchild

      @Joao Ribeiro: well I guess that's entirely possible. IMO...after yrs of following their personal mayhem and reading Slash's book....I just came to that conclusion. Axl & media always at each other's throat also.

    • Joao+Ribeiro
      Joao Ribeiro

      @Axls_sweetchild: dude i agree that it sounds directed to slash. but axl isn't known for lying (unlike slash) and he has said a couple of times that it's not about slash...if it was he would admit it or just ignore the question.

    • Axls_sweetchild

      @kanudo: are so right...Axl is way to truthful,,,even to the point of getting him into trouble every now and then !!!

  • Heather+Hayes
    Heather Hayes

    That...was amazing. Thank you for posting it! Damn, that man can sing.

  • The+Seeker
    The Seeker

    stellar SORRY! awesome sunglass flip at 3:42!

  • Lucy+Freitag
    Lucy Freitag

    Actually, the interpretation of sorry is perfect! That voice is the one that Axl is ... beautiful voice!

  • JeanieAnn

    AWESOME!! This is one of my fav Democracy songs to hear live...