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Welcome here to the Paradise City "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" penned by the world's most dangerous band, this online jungle is now ours, created especially for us - the Guns N' Roses fans. is the place for y
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  • Guns+N%27+Roses
    Guns N' Roses

    can't edit these damn post.. typo correction (thx KIM E. and Jessica Berg) - WEST ARKEEN - remembering him here -

  • Jessica+Berg
    Jessica Berg

    RIP West Arkeen....did not realize today also shared amongst the joy of birthdays that tinge of sadness....Axl, i know you knew him well. After all these years it must still sting. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Jessica+Berg
    Jessica Berg

    First of all, thanx for the shoutout. Very much appreciated. Secondly i wanted to let you know i viewed the video and albeit short, it captured the essence of the relationship he and Axl had. It was great and i really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  • Guns+N%27+Roses+Army
    Guns N' Roses Army

    Amazing photo and video!!! Remebering him here too... Yesterdays ►

  • Amanda+Veiga
    Amanda Veiga

    RIP West Arkeen :'( we'll never forget you... And happy b-day to Duff and Del ( ps:. thank you Del for ' without you' ;)

  • axl_gnrfans

    wes arkeen was just an awesome man the fact that he´s dead is so fucking sad and sad is the dead of shannon hoon too both may RIP

  • Maril%C3%BA+V.
    Marilú V.

    Beautiful video :) I like it so much.

  • axl_gnrfans

    another video to remember him

  • Jim+Nardea
    Jim Nardea

    what a great fucking shot!

  • alegnr

    happy birthday duff"rose" mc kagan ,del james and rip west arken.

  • Alex

    Some West Arkeen inspired tributes;